Jonathan Pollard
Jonathan PollardPhoto: INN

It was reported several weeks ago that the ambassadors of Canada, the EU, and Australia requested that Israel allow their Palestinian Arab citizens the same right of free entry into Israel that the US is demanding for its Palestinian American citizens.

For those of us opposed to the US Visa Waiver deal, all we could say was: “We told you so”. Although our Foreign Ministry quickly rejected the requests of the three governments, it’s likely that Israel will eventually accede to this latest attempt to use a Visa Waiver program as a means of flooding our country with hostile visitors.

At first glance, the US-Israel Visa Waiver deal seems rather innocuous. After all, what could be wrong with the free movement of people between two allies?

But the hyphenated Americans this agreement is meant to cover are some of the most vicious anti-Semites one could imagine.

Indeed, if you ask any American Jewish college student, they’ll tell you that, apart from the usual assortment of woke progressives, Palestinian American students are the most rabidly anti-Israel elements on their campus.

Not surprisingly, these hate-filled Arab “students” represent a significant percentage of the Palestinian Americans that the Biden administration wants covered by the US Visa Waiver agreement. So, what are the potential consequences of letting an unchecked number of them into our country?

For one thing, it’s a potential security risk. Although the Shabak has apparently signed off on the Visa Waiver Program, it’s likely that American pressure will cause our border control agents to be extremely reluctant to bar a significant number of Palestinian Americans who would ordinarily have been refused entry out of fear of angering the US. Indeed, according to published reports, we will only be permitted to stop around 3% of Palestinian Americans for security reasons before we will be forced to admit the remaining visitors regardless as to our concerns about them.

Just to underscore how determined the Americans are about this particular issue, they went to the extraordinary step of demanding permission to station observers at Israeli ports of entry to ensure that we weren’t “discriminating” against their Palestinian citizens. The fact that the US demanded this gross violation of our sovereignty was less shocking than our immediate surrender to such imperial behavior by Washington. It was as if our so-called “leaders” forgot that no foreign government, even one that claims to be an ally, has the right to dictate how we guard our borders against people we consider to be potential security threats.

Exactly who we’ve been forced to let in so far can only be imagined, but judging by the number of prominent BDS activists who have suddenly appeared brazenly roaming around both Israel and Judea and Samaria, a significant threat to our security has definitively resulted from our craven willingness to accommodate the Americans. Not surprisingly, there hasn’t been a peep about this from our own government.

Yet another security problem associated with the Visa Waiver Program involves the danger of allowing so many Palestinian Americans into Judea and Samaria that they will have an inhibiting effect on our soldiers during security operations. This has already occurred and will only get worse as time goes by.

Basically, every Palestinian American who feels that they’ve been discriminated against by our troops can now escalate their complaints to the level of a diplomatic incident. Friends of mine who serve in the Territories have already been told by Palestinian Americans that if they stop them for a security check, they will lodge a discrimination charge against the soldiers with the US Embassy in Jerusalem.

My friends said they disregarded the threat but realized that this kind of incident could be a common occurrence if more Palestinian-American activists are allowed to inundate Judea and Samaria.

Yet another security problem associated with the US Waiver program involves a situation in which more and more Palestinian Americans decide to purchase illegal property from the PA that is located within Area C. If it’s nearly impossible to get our government to demolish uninhabited illegal Arab structures in Area C, it will be totally out of the question if Palestinian Americans are listed as the owners.

Lastly, as for the EU, Canada, and Australia, I’m quite certain that if we don’t agree to the unimpeded admission of their Palestinian citizens into Israel, they’ll eventually impose harsh visa requirements on our tourists and business executives.

At that point, we’ll cave and suffer an additional tsunami of undesirables.

This foreseeable tragedy will be due to one unfortunate fact: namely, that our leaders have conveniently forgotten that their loyalty should be to the Land and People of Israel, not a bunch of left wing foreign governments, which want to use the Visa Waiver programs as Trojan Horses to infiltrate their hate filled Palestinian citizens into Israel.

Luckily, we still have the time to stop this nightmare from occurring by withdrawing from the US Visa Waiver Program and demanding that the Americans, Europeans, Canadians and Australians allow the free entry to their countries of any Palestinian Arab residing either in Gaza or Judea and Samaria.

That would be one of the few programs I can think of that both the Palestinian Arabs and Israelis could wholeheartedly support!