Joe Biden and Donald Trump
Joe Biden and Donald TrumpReuters

Former US President Donald Trump's lead on current President Joe Biden is growing ahead of their expected 2024 rematch, according to a new ABC News-Washington Post poll.

The poll found that the former president's lead on his successor has risen to nine percent. According to the poll, in a head-to-head matchup, Trump has 51% support compared to Biden's 42%. Trump has shown a slow but consistent rise in these polls, from 48% in a February poll and 49% in a May poll, while Biden has declined from 44% support in February.

The poll found that the economy and immigration are two issues that are damaging Biden's job approval among Americans. 44% of Americans say that they are worse off financially under the Biden Administration, and the president has an approval rating of just 30% on the economy, compared to 64% who disapprove of his performance.

On the immigration issue, Biden's approval falls to 23%, compared to 62% who disapprove.

Overall, Biden has a 36% approval rating, compared to a 56% disapproval rating.

74% of respondents said that Biden is too old to pursue a second term, while 50% said the same about Trump.

Trump's approval rating is at 48%, compared to a 49% disapproval rating.

Other polls have the two presidents far closer in head-to-head matchups than the ABC News-Washington Post poll, but Trump's numbers have been improving relative to Biden's in the majority of polls recently.