IDF military prison
IDF military prisonMiriam Alster/FLASH90

The company commander from the Golani Brigade, who was imprisoned after shooting at an Arab vehicle that broke through a roadblock, was released from military prison four days after he was imprisoned, instead of serving the ten days of imprisonment he was sentenced to.

The incident took place last week, after a shooting attack in the area of the Rimonim Junction. In that incident, the company commander and his soldiers encountered the Arab vehicle that breached the checkpoint and opened fire, due to which the suspected driver was injured.

In the petition of over 1,200 citizens, which was organized by the Torat Lehima organization and addressed to Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, it is written:

"Unbelievable. A company commander from Golani was sent to prison for 10 days because he opened fire on an Arab who broke through a roadblock and was suspected of carrying a weapon, after terrorists shot at Jews and endangered a group of women at the Rimonim Junction," the letter read.

"Jews are murdered and wounded in the Binyamin sector and throughout Judea and Samaria without interruption, terrorists with weapons are walking around free, and a heroic company commander who was on duty to save Jewish lives was sent to prison like the worst of criminals.

"Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, enough! We will not be silent! We will not abandon the soldiers and commanders of the IDF to a cruel justice system that tramples the Jews and pampers the Arabs! Defense Minister Gallant - enough interfering with the soldiers! Enough of the abuse! Immediately release the company commander from prison!"

The organization thanked the public and everyone who participated in putting pressure on the Defense Minister and IDF officials in favor of the company commander.