The baby
The babycourtesy of the family

Here in Israel everyone feels like family, and babies are often stroked, cooed, and admired by complete strangers. However, a sweet baby girl by the name of Sara Miller evokes a starkly different reaction: When strangers see her, they simply can’t help but stare.

Born with a severe deformation that comes with a host of medical issues, Sara’s parents were told that if she recieves two highly complex surgeries in Columbus Ohio, she could grow up to be a happy, healthy, normal child. With insufficient funds, Hadassah and Yosef Miller sought the advice of the Amshinover Rebbe, and what he instructed them was urgent:

To fly to America at any cost.

Now in America, the Millers are enduring a period of agonizing wait as Sara’s surgeries have been delayed due to financial constraints. It remains uncertain how long the hospital will accommodate the Miller's financial situation before Sara loses her eligibility for the surgery. The family has made a crowdfunding page which includes a moving letter of endorsement from the Eida Chareidit, addressed to Jewish brethren “in every country”. Click here to make an immediate donation>>>

If the medical challenges Sara faces are not addressed soon, they threaten to cast a heartbreaking shadow her entire future- Not only medically, but also socially and psychologically. The family humbly asks the public to help them pull off this tremendous feat of giving their daughter the underappreciated gift of being a healthy, happy, normal child. Click here to help Sara>>>