Pro-Netanyahu protesters gathered in New York on Thursday, demonstrating in support of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government.

Prior to the rally, Netanyahu stepped out to greet the organizers, thanking them for their support of Israel and its democracy.

Speaking at the rally, Prof. Alan Dershowitz said, "I'm here as a proud Zionist to the defend the nation that may well be the single most democratic nation on the face of the earth. What other nation has had five elections in four years? What other nation has weekly, peaceful, orderly demonstrations demonstrating the right of the people to disagree with the government? What other nation allows citizens of its country to come to America and to protest at and near the United Nations a country that they are citizens of. What other country has as much free speech, as much debate, and as much dissention, as the nation state of the Jewish People?"

Dov Hikind, Chair of Americans Against Antisemitism, also spoke at the rally.

"Ladies and gentlemen! I am here for one reason: I am here to thank the Prime Minister, to thank the Prime Minister for all the amazing leadership of the State of Israel," he said. "The Prime Minister has been there for the people of Israel and right now, here in the United States, let's talk about the real things that are going on, that are so important."

"Ladies and gentlemen, we all know what's going on. The number one threat to the people of Israel is Iran. Iran is the number one threat to Israel. And it is the Prime Minister of Israel more than any other leader in the world who has led the charge for the world to understand: An Iran with an atomic weapon is the end of the world. Bibi thank you, Bibi, thank you."

Also attending the rally was Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, who addressed the crowd, saying, "Hello New York! Do you love Israel??"

Pro Israel activist Joe Zevuloni spoke to the demonstrators, blasting the anti-Netanyahu demonstrations and rallying for support for Israel.

"Their hatred is not welcome in America, their messages are not welcome in America," he said, noting that "one of their leaders was interviewed by CBS' '60 Minutes,' and admitted in front of the whole world - falsely, baselessly, making up a lie - that the IDF pilots are murderers of children. Their leaders said that. When they came to the other leaders and asked them what it's about, nobody took responsibility."

"Then they took a Jew, one Jew, who happens to be the Prime Minister of the State of Israel. And they put his image on a truck with an exaggerated long nose. You know what that stereotype reminds everybody of? Very dark times. In Germany, 1939, when a Jew was compared to a liar, to a thief. I know, it's disgusting. I couldn't stand seeing that, and I couldn't sit home, and do nothing."

Zevuloni stressed, "So we came here by the dozens, we're going to be tomorrow at the UN, seven-thirty in the morning, we're going to be by the hundreds, we're going to be by the thousands, we're going to support our Prime Minister, we're going to support him and show the world that New York stands with the Prime Minister, the democratically elected leader of the Jewish State of Israel. Am Yisrael Chai!"