At the same time as the protests and the various demonstrations against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in New York, a number of organizations will be gathering on Thursday evening for a demonstration of support for the Israeli government under the title "Stand with Israel".

Netanyahu himself noticed the support and wrote on X, “Today in Times Square in New York. Thank you for your tremendous support!”

On Thursday afternoon, Netanyahu's picture was projected on screens in Times Square in Manhattan, alongside the words: "Thank you Bibi, the Jewish people support you."

The initiative was spearheaded by Tkuma 2023, a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening Israel's government both domestically and internationally. Berale Crombie, Executive Director of Tkuma, has called for support for Netanyahu, amplifying the Prime Minister's enduring legacy and leadership as he champions his nation before the world.

While there have been protests against Netanyahu's policies by certain groups during his US visit, Tkuma remains steadfast in its belief that such actions are counterproductive and can undermine Israel's global standing.

"It's imperative for our own brothers and sisters to refrain from denouncing Israel's democratically elected leader," Berale emphasized. "We must set aside personal political beliefs and provide the backing our leaders require to safeguard Israel's interests."

"We aim to show to the world that the Jewish people stand firmly behind Israel's government and its leader," said Davidi Crombie, a media specialist who has cultivated influential ties with Jewish philanthropists supporting Prime Minister Netanyahu and orchestrated this impactful campaign.

Thursday evening’s demonstration will take place on Park Avenue and is supported by various organizations, including AFSI, ZOA, Americans Against Antisemitism and others.