The principal of a school in Ra'anana caused an uproar after being filmed prohibiting students from wearing tefillin on school grounds.

The video shows a number of students donning tefillin when the principal asks them not to do so on the school grounds.

The principal said to one of the students: "You chose to come to study here, you will behave according to the conditions I set. Now you come to anger and annoy."

The principal was also heard saying: "Stop before I get angry, you came to study at a state school, behave according to the school's conditions."

Education Minister Shlomo Karhi responded: "It is a shame that such a person is raising the future generation in the Jewish state. Tefillin is a precious mitzvah for which throughout the generations Jews have given their lives and here in the Land of Israel they will not deny us this right."

Karai added: "Furthermore, even if such a principal has forgotten what it is to be a Jew, we are in a democratic country where everyone has freedom of religion. Kudos to the students who answered him with their Jewish heads held high."

Deputy Chairman of the 'Im Tirzu' movement Shai Rosengarten responded: "I am so ashamed of what the state education system has become. Anyone who loves life and Judaism will send their children to religious settings before they completely give up."