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The question is not about Joe Biden and whether he is up and ready for re-election.

One way or another, he’s cooked. The GOP House is finally doing an Impeachment Inquiry, the legal system is closing in on his son Hunter, even some in the sleepy media are beginning to connect the dots between these two, and even Joe’s own people, the Democrats, are tired of his face.

They want a new face.

So the question is…who have they got warming up in the bullpen?

Chances are, it’s another (alleged) crook. Or if not that, they will foist upon the public another doddering old fool, or a younger one, like the governor of California.

As a leader, Gavin Newsom may not be much. He has ruined California. But he is handsome.

Other than that, the Democrats have plenty of corrupt politicians who can finish what Joe has started…the decline of America.

Have you been to New York City lately…home to the illegal migrant infestation? Give My Regards to Broadway.

The day Donald Trump was elected, 2016, David Remnick’s The New Yorker, ran this banner…AN AMERICAN TRAGEDY.

So true…except that they pinned it on the wrong guy. What a pretty picture for the world when the president’s son is a glutton and a guzzler, and the president himself is tainted with dark money coming from Hunter’s alleged shady businesses. Joe keeps saying he loves his son…and why wouldn’t he?

This is not to say that all Democrat leaders are dirty rotten scoundrels…only that they have no love of country. Their allegiance is to the Party.

That, and they have no conscience.

Some may remember how they went after Brett Kavanaugh, all because Trump had picked him to have a seat on the Supreme Court.

This was a defining moment of the American Experience, because the Hearings were open to public scrutiny to witness how vicious, cruel, and medieval these leftists can be, these Democrats…no pity, no heart, no shame. They took turns badgering an innocent man, in front of his wife and children, until he was shaken to tears.

Trump himself got the same treatment for four years…and counting.

The bell tolls for America so long as Joe remains in office. Through his endless generosity for Ukraine, he keeps provoking Putin until one day Putin will say enough of this, and he will retaliate. Which is not to suggest that Joe has any idea of what he is doing.

Like the luckless gambler who shuts his eyes hoping to roll a Seven, Joe sets his mind on something…mindless of the consequences…and lets it roll.

Like the disastrous pullout from Afghanistan, and the open border.

Will New Yorkers wise up? They now have a heaping taste, or rather distaste, of what’s been coming in through Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and California.

The illegals have swamped their homes, schools, businesses, and neighborhoods, thanks to people like AOC.

People like AOC want five-year-old’s to study transgender, rather than reading, writing, and arithmetic.

People like Lesley Stahl on 60 Minutes devote a half hour this past Sunday to bash Netanyahu and his government, with leftist Israelis joining in to curse their own home and lie about their country.

Who else does this?

May there be no hope for informers.

So will New Yorkers keep voting Democrat?

Most likely, yes. Can’t kick the habit, and so history keeps repeating itself in the most awful ways.

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