Nadia Matar and Yehudit Katsover
Nadia Matar and Yehudit KatsoverEsther Eliahu

Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar are heads of The Sovereignty Movement

The sight of the protesters assembling throughout the visit of the Prime Minister of Israel in the United States causes one's heart to contract in pain. The sight of the signs defaming Israel, adjacent to the building of the anti-Semitic United Nations, is sad and painful. The protest inscriptions insulting the Prime Minister that were displayed on the lit up stone walls of one of the most notorious prisons in the world, is insufferable and unforgivable.

It appears that the acts of protest are so extreme that they are reaching levels that are difficult to accept, even in the eyes of many of the protesters themselves.

The decision of the protest leadership to cross the border, in both senses, to discard all logical standards of protest and to go overseas in order to humiliate the Israeli Prime Minister, to defame the State of Israel, to tear apart the Jewish people, and to denigrate it before the nations of the world, this decision has caused many from the midst of the protest to pause for a moment and understand that something has gone terribly wrong with the protest movement.

Many attribute the uproar and commotion of the protest to the enormous sums invested in it, and indeed the seemingly incomprehensible sums - millions - appear to come from obscure foreign interests that may even be hostile to Israel, but the strength of the protest does not lie there. It is not for money that the protesters go out to the streets. This is a psychological phenomenon that has already transcended the boundaries of protest and dissent and has reached the realms of uncontrollable and irrational delusionary behavior.

A new religion has arisen, born at Kaplan. This religion has high priests in the form of Ehud Barak, Shikma Bressler, Ehud Olmert, and the like. This religion has priests and Levites who inflame the masses and ensure that the storm does not subside, and to that end, they sacrifice various issues on the altar of the new religion, ensuring that the religious ecstasy does not wane.

One time it is about the reasonableness standard, another time it's about the Judicial Selection Committee, one time it's the conscription of haredi Jews, another time religious education, and another, laws of governability aimed at imposing some order in our Land. They will all ascend to the altar and sacrifice issue after issue before the masses, ensuring that the enthusiasm does not wane and the drums keep on beating.

A new idol worship has emerged, whose ultimate objective is the struggle against the "great demon", Binyamin Netanyahu, giving new meaning, satisfaction, and inflamed passions to the lives of its priests and believers.

Democracy and the will of the people have long ago been cast behind the backs of the believers. Violence has long become a legitimate means to advance their objectives, and the clenched communist fist that adorns the banners of the protest is just one of the indicators of this.

But when the priests of the new religion lose all sense of proportion and go beyond the reasonable and legitimate boundaries of protest and resistance, when they besmirch the honor, image, and strength of Israel, when they are not deterred by the existential Iranian threat from continuing to weaken Israel's might, when the person and position of Prime Minister of Israel is trampled in their eyes, even among the believers of the new religion, the seeds of heresy and doubt begin to be sown.

It appears that this time they have gone too far, and it is time to recalculate.

Besides those doubters from the midst of the protest, this contravention of the boundaries reinforces the sense of national affront in the eyes of those who are not part of the protest . As a result, the more the degradation of the heads and leaders of Israel by the leaders of the protest intensifies, the more the sense of national honor will be aroused, and the flag of Israel will be brandished, the real flag, not the one that has become a tool in the hands of those trampling Israel's honor.

And to you, leaders of the destructive and oppressive faction, we say: Shame! Shame! Shame on you! The clenched fist displayed on your posters will yet strike your faces. Perhaps you receive an encouraging push from polls that you commissioned yourselves, and in the manner of polls, you get the answers you want with the slogan: “Keep going,” but this time you have gone one step too far.

For slandering the Land of Israel, one pays a steep price. The Land will expel you.

“Return deviant children, the utterance of the Lord” (Yirmeyahu 3:14).