Ari Fuld HY"D
Ari Fuld HY"DGershon Elinson/FLASH90

The Palestinian Authority has doubled the monthly salary of the terrorist who murdered Ari Fuld in 2018, attorney Maurice Hirsch reported.

Hirsch is the director of PA Accountability and Reform Initiative at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA).

"Yesterday, the Palestinian Authority doubled the monthly salary it pays the terrorist murder of Ari Fuld, OBM from $522 to $1,044," Hirsch wrote on X, formerly Twitter. "The PA's Pay for Slay policy incentivizes terror & rewards terrorists."

Hirsch added, "The PA has already paid the murder $25,726. When he murderer Ari, the terrorist was a 16-yr-old student. The money the PA pays him is not welfare, but simply a reward for murdering a proud Israeli - American Jew. Why are the US & the EU helping the PA to reward terrorists & Jew-murderers?"

When asked by a reader to cite evidence, Hirsch responded, "PA Law No. 19 from 2004 codified the PA payments to imprisoned terrorists."

"Regulations adopted in 2010 by the PA government, set the pay scale the PA pays the terrorists. The PA has confirmed in affidavits to court, that it rewards terrorists."

Terrorist Khalil Yusef Ali Jabarin was 16 years old at the time he stabbed Ari Fuld outside a shopping center in Gush Etzion. Fuld, a 40-year-old father of four, was a member of the rapid response team in Efrat, the town where he lived. After Jabarin stabbed him, Fuld fought back, even shooting at his attacker. However, Fuld had suffered critical injuries, and the hospital was forced to declare his death.

In January 2020, Jabarin was convicted of was convicted of intentional homicide, the military court system's equivalent of murder, as well as three counts of attempted intentional homicide.

In July 2020, Jabarin was sentenced to life in prison and ordered to pay damages to the Fuld family.