Western wall and the Temple Mount
Western wall and the Temple MountMati Amar/TPS

The Beyadenu movement, which monitors and promotes Jewish activity on the Temple Mount, reports that 49,000 Jews ascended the Temple Mount this Jewish year. Tom Nisani, Beyadenu CEO, commented: "Despite police limitations, the nation of Israel continues to ascend to its beating heart!"

According to information collected by Beyadenu guides, who are on site every day, 49,000 Jews ascended the Mount this Jewish year, in comparison to 51,644 last year, which was a leap year with 13 months.

Approximately 235 brides and grooms ascended the Mount on their wedding day. 72 teenagers ascended for their Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. Additionally, around 2,000 visitors were on tours guided by Beyadenu.

With the increase in visitors, this year saw a large number of detentions: 236 visitors were arrested and detained on the Mount, and around 62 were forbidden from visiting by administrative order.

Nisai adds: "The data is reassuring and uplifting. There is stability and consistency in the number of Jews ascending the Temple Mount. Despite intimidations and restrictions that were increased this year by the police, tens of thousands of Jews still chose to ascend to the holiest place in Judaism. There is no doubt that without the unethical police behavior, many more would have ascended. We wish everyone a good year, a year in which there will be more respect towards visitors and a stop to the draconian policies against visitors to the Temple Mount."