Jonathan Pollard
Jonathan PollardPhoto: INN

In Israel, our treatment of security prisoners has been motivated by one overarching goal: namely, to keep them as comfortable as possible so as not to give their various terrorist organizations yet another excuse to create mayhem.

This is counterproductive, to say the least, since our prisons- and sentences do not represent a deterrent to further acts of violence by the prisoners once they’re released. Furthermore, such coddling, along with the PA’s so-called “pay for slay” policy, actually encourages young Palestinians to commit acts of violence against us.

So, in a very real sense, our prison policy is responsible, in part, for the escalating deaths of our citizens.

The recent utterly disgraceful reaction of Netanyahu, the Shin Bet, and the army’s leadership to Ben G’vir’s long overdue toughening of security prisoner conditions does nothing more than reassure the terrorists that THEY are in charge of how their animals will be treated in prison, not the government. Clearly, such cowardice on the part of our government is not only an act of appeasement intended to “keep things quiet” at any cost, but it also will lead directly to the further death of more Jews, which our betters don’t seem to care that much about.

From my perspective, the best preventive anti-terror policy is either to kill the terrorists BEFORE they have a chance to strike or if they are eliminated during battle. Short of these policies, deporting the terrorist’s entire family and making prison conditions at least as strict as the ones the US employs for terrorists would be much more effective in deterring them than what we doing right now- which is to turn our prisons into comfortable “incubators” and holiday resorts for the murderers of our loved ones.

If we have an overcrowding problem in our security prisons, then reduce the size of their cells to the dimensions of the one I was kept in for seven years, 150 meters underground. Since no Israeli government ever complained about the “inhumane” conditions I was kept in, I guess they could be copied here without any concern for them creating problems on the Arab street!