The Independent reports that after the recent testimonies of pilots and military personnel in the American Congress about the existence of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) yesterday in the Congress of Mexico two bodies were presented that, according to the claims, belong to aliens. The one who presented the bodies is Jaimie Maussan, a journalist who presents himself as a UFO expert.

The alien bodies were presented to Congress in glass display cases. Jaimie claimed they were examined by scientists from the National University of Mexico, and carbon-14 dating showed them to be at least a thousand years old. Jaime told Congress under oath that a third of the DNA in the small alien bodies was of unknown origin and probably did not come from Earth.

X-ray photographs that were presented showed that the bodies contain parts of rare metals and that in one of the bodies you can see eggs trapped inside the body. The alien bodies also included an extremely large head as well as three fingers on each hand.

The presentation of the bodies was broadcast around the world, but despite the declarations of the existence of aliens, many researchers still doubt Jaimie's evidence. In the past, Jaimie has already been seen as presenting evidence of aliens that later turned out to be human beings, and the fact that the small aliens are suspiciously similar to the character of the alien ET of motion picture fame does not help the credibility of the findings.