The IED explodes
The IED explodesIDF

Dozens of Palestinians rioted today (Wednesday) on the perimeter fence along the northern portion of the Gaza Strip and tried to harm IDF soldiers by throwing explosives and Molotov cocktails.

One of the explosives detonated and injured at least six people.

The leaders of the riots in Gaza said that "a number of soldiers from the engineering unit advanced to detonate a powerful explosive device, and the occupation opened fire at the place where they were supposed to plant the device. They failed to retreat and the device exploded."

Israeli forces claim that this is an internal accident of the rioters that has nothing to do with the IDF.

"Over the last few hours, hundreds of rioters participated in a violent riot adjacent to the security fence in the northern Gaza Strip. During the event, rioters hurled a number of explosive devices and grenades," the IDF stated.

"IDF soldiers in the area prepared for and acted against the violent riot."

תיועוד: פיצוץ המטען בגבול עזהדובר צה"ל

"Approximately one hour ago, an attempt by rioters to launch an explosive device at IDF soldiers was identified. The explosive device detonated within the territory of the Gaza Strip, injuring several of the rioters adjacent to the explosion."

"No IDF injuries were reported."