Inauguration Ceremony
Inauguration CeremonyNo credit

A special ceremony was held in Talmon on Tuesday to inaugurate a new complex for the Orot pre-military training school, in the presence of many dignitaries and residents of Talmon

The Orot pre-military training school, established about fifteen years ago and adopted by Yeshivat Hakotel about 6 years ago, moved in the past 12 months to Talmon in the Binyamin Regional Council. Residents of Talmon, who received Orot with open arms, participated in the dedication of the pre-military training school that moved at the beginning of the current school year to a new and central location in the community.

Orot is intended for religious high school graduates who study for one or two years prior to their IDF service, in order to prepare for military life.

During the ceremony, several speakers wished the head of the school and the students much success, and after placing the mezuzah and dancing, several rabbis spoke about preparing for Rosh Hashanah.

Minister Strock said: "I am very excited to be here. On the way here I was thinking about what I could say to young men like you and I thought about the name of the training school, Orot (light in Hebrew -ed.). Each of you carries a great light in you and in the coming year you are going to discover your light and rediscover yourselves. Orot is your preparation for life, you will leave here not only better soldiers, but better citizens and better people."