Yitzhak Wasserlauf
Yitzhak WasserlaufYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Minister Yitzchak Wasserlauf described the recent demonstrations against him and the incident that shocked him during one demonstration.

"Last Saturday I was shocked. My young son was standing at the window on the first floor of my home, while the neighbors were protesting only ten meters away. They looked him in the eyes and said, 'Your father is a terrorist.' Then they all shouted together: 'Wasserlauf is a terrorist.’ The children heard everything and it just shocked me,” Wasserlauf shared with Galai Israel Radio.

Wasserlauf continued: "They will not weaken me. They will not harm my family, and I will stay here, because they will not decide where a Jew will live in Israel."

In response to the interviewer's question whether these are local neighbors, Wasserlauf replied: "These are people from the neighborhood. They want to demonstrate against me? No problem, there are legal procedures on how to demonstrate."

"If you think that you will be able to break me down in immoral ways, claiming that this is the essence of democracy, while you are hurting my children, my family, my synagogue; following me and standing at the windows of the synagogue with drums and trumpets so that we were not able to pray. I ask them if they would dare do such a thing in a mosque or a church, in the name of the same democracy and liberalism," he concluded.