Walid Taha
Walid TahaYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Member of Knesset Walid Taha (Ra'am) demanded to prevent the entry of soldiers into Arab-majority communities and called the Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben-Gvir, a "Nazi".

MK Taha's words were said in reference to the incident on Saturday night, where armed soldiers entered the town of Kafr Qassem and clashed with civilians. Five residents were injured. Residents of the community claimed that the soldiers threw stun grenades and smashed the headlights of vehicles.

In an interview with the Hala channel, Taha called the incident "extremely serious" and the IDF's claim that the soldiers were chasing infiltrators from Samaria who fled to Kafr Qassem a "false" version.

"This is a very bad message from the military establishment towards Arab society and Kafr Qassem in particular," MK Taha said, recalling the Kafr Qassem massacre 67 years ago in which 49 local residents were killed by soldiers.

"Accordingly," MK Taha added, "I treat this incident as a very serious incident, and I sent a letter to the Minister of Defense in which I demanded the arrest of these soldiers who attacked the residents, and I also demanded to send a message that such incidents will not happen again in the future."

"They must admit that a grave mistake was made, they must arrest these criminals and prosecute them, and they must educate their children and soldiers that such behavior must not take place in Arab communities," MK Taha said.

In response to a question regarding his response to National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir that he gave full backing to the soldiers, MK Taha said: "I will answer him (Ben-Gvir) in one sentence - to be a Nazi you don't necessarily have to be German. This person does not want to see an Arab breathing. He wants us all to be dead under the ground."