Bailey Levi never imagined that at age 30 she would encounter metastatic cancer. Now, she asks the public to join her in the mission of her life: building a women's mikveh in Moshav Matsli'ah.

Watch her candid and shattering story:

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Bailey, a 30-year-old resident of Achisamach, lived her life as usual. She worked in a successful real estate office, and managed a successful home with four wonderful children. But nothing prepared her for the bomb that fell on her on a bright day that changed her life. It was when the doctors at the hospital took her aside and told her: You have metastatic cancer.

Since then her life has changed completely.

Treatments, radiation, tests, hospitalizations, and so, from an active woman busy raising her children calmly, she became a regular guest in hospitals.

But a woman like Bailey will not throw up her hands. She fought and continues to fight. Every day, every hour.

Now she turns to you, dear people of Israel, exposes herself in an unprecedented way, with tremendous personal effort, and asks you to enlist in the mission of her life: establishing a mikveh for women's ritual purity in the town of Matsli'ah.

A mikveh symbolizes life. Water symbolizes life.

The leading Torah scholar Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky promised supernatural salvation for those who build a mikveh, and Bailey decided to take the plunge and undertake a project costing half a million shekels that will ensure purity for generations in Matsli'ah.

For Bailey, for the residents of Matsli'ah, and for the future of the people of Israel!

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#An insurance card here and hereafter

Leading rabbis who heard about the case spoke in a way they had never spoken before.

Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky's son-in-law the great rabbi Yitzchak Zilberstein told the heads of Family Purity that this is the greatest mitzvah in existence today.

"It is tremendous merit!" said Rabbi Zilberstein. "It causes these children to be born in holiness. The greatest mitzvah I know of today is a mikveh. It's not just Judgment Day - it's any time there is, heaven forbid, a calamity in the world, a person comes up with a card saying I built a mikveh, nothing can rule against him. It is from death to life!"

The righteous tzaddik Rabbi Shimon Galai also blessed in an exceptional way: "Fortunate is one who is involved in this, fortunate is one who supports this, fortunate is one who donates to this, he becomes a partner with the Holy One Blessed Be He to increase purity among the Jewish people. May the Holy One Blessed Be He help this be very great merit for the days of judgment, and it's not just called Family Purity for nothing, because we are all one family."

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