BabiesHadas Parush/Flash90

The Population and Immigration Authority published data about the most popular names for boys and girls that were given to babies who were born in the past Jewish year, 5783.

In first place for names for boys in the general population is Mohammad (1,666), after that are the names Adam (1,187), Joseph (1,186), and David (924).

In fifth place came the name Ariel (837), after that, Lavi (775), and after it, Omer (762). The name Refael tied for eighth, and after it came Ahmad (686) and Daniel (679).

In first place for girls' names came Avigail (969), in second place came Tamar (847), directly behind was Miriam (806). After them came Sara (710), Yael (704), Ayala (662), Noa (653), Lia (642), Adel (606), and Maya (595).

In Jerusalem, 11,396 boys and 10,784 girls were born in the past year. In Bnei Brak, boys were also in the lead, with 3,931 compared to 3,712 girls. In Tel Aviv, 3,440 boys and 3,232 girls were born. In Beit Shemesh, 2,909 boys and 2,781 girls were born, in Ashdod, 1,999 boys, and 1,931 girls were born. In Netanya, 1,691 boys were born compared to 1,622 girls, in Haifa, 1,664 boys compared to 1,579 girls, in Rishon Lezion, 1,586 boys were born compared to 1,535 girls and in Modi'in Illit, 1,568 boys compared to 1,502 girls. Petach Tikva is considered the outlier, there 1,802 girls were born, and only 1,782 boys were.