Clashes broke out Monday morning between protesters and police officers outside the home of Justice Minister Yariv Levin (Likud), and four protesters have been arrested.

The demonstration outside Levin's home is one of several held Monday morning near the homes of government ministers, protesting the judicial reform and the actions of the coalition.

The protesters crowded around Levin's home and the nearby stairs, and according to police, disrupted the public order.

The police then demanded that the protesters remove themselves to a more organized area, where they would be able to hold the demonstration. Some of the protesters refused, and began to intentionally clash with police forces..

המפגינים ליד בית השר לויןבאדיבות המצלם

After a many long minutes of clashes, the protesters moved to the organized area.

Prior to this, on their way to Levin's home, the protesters intentionally blocked the highway between Latrun and Modi'in, while walking slowly along the road. During this incident as well, police demanded that the protesters evacuate the scene.

The reservists' Ahim Laneshek organization responded: "Prime-Minister-in-Practice Levin is breaking apart Israeli democracy and tearing the nation apart. The dictatorial law to cancel the reasonableness clause endangers Israel's position in the world and leaves IDF soldiers exposed to the international court in Hague. We will not allow the Kahanist revolution to break apart democracy, and we, unlike [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu, are not afraid of the Justice Minister."