Light rail in Jerusalem
Light rail in JerusalemPhotography: ISTOCK

A Jewish man, who was attacked by an Arab five years ago on the light rail in Jerusalem, is demanding compensation of NIS 30,000 from him.

Adv. Menashe Yado, from the Honenu legal advocacy organization, filed a civil lawsuit for NIS 30,000 in the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court against an Arab who attacked and threatened a Jew while traveling on the light rail in Jerusalem five years ago after he warned him about the ban on smoking on the train.

The Arab was arrested, convicted of threats, and sentenced to two months probation and compensation of NIS 750.

The indictment filed against the Arab describes how he attacked the Jewish man: "On August 14, 2018, the complainant was traveling by light rail toward his home in the Pisgat Ze'ev neighborhood of Jerusalem. At one point, the defendant boarded the train while holding a lit cigarette in his hand. The complainant noticed the defendant, turned on his phone camera, and began to film the accused. When the accused noticed this, he advanced towards him, pinned him against the train window, waved his hand in a fist motion towards his face, and threatened to kill him. In his actions, the accused threatened the complainant with unlawful injury and with the intention of scaring him."

Attorney Haim Bleicher, Director of the Terrorist Casualties Department at the Honenu legal organization, said: "Islamist terrorists are looking for every opportunity to harm the lives and safety of loyal citizens of Israel. All this is in an attempt to annihilate and drive out the people of Israel from the Land of Israel and Jerusalem, its capital. The State of Israel must stand like a wall in the face of terrorism that constantly swarms throughout the country. Judgment against the offender has not been exhausted in the criminal procedure. For our part, we are constantly working to exact a heavy price from those terrorists to deter them and so that they realize that the lives, the safety, and the dignity of the citizens of Israel must not be taken in vain."