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Iranian dissidents accuse the German giant Bosch of manufacturing and selling Iran the cameras used by the ayatollahs to find Iranian women on the streets who do not wear the veil so they can punish them. Can that be the same Bosch that organizes the pro-LGBT “Pride like a Bosch” on the streets of Europe?

The West has become a cartoon of its own self.

Spain's equality minister, Irene Montero, said that "all cultures and religions" have ways "of oppressing women" and "disciplining their bodies". "It happens in Afghanistan, with the right of access to work, education, health, but also in Spain." So let us send many relativist greetings to Afghan women, whose oppression has now been miniimized to that of Spanish women.

When the coach of the women's national football team, Luis Rubiales, kissed one of his players and for this reason will see her head roll into the basket of virtues, Minister Montero spoke as if he had just reconquered Kabul: "Sexism is over," she said.

It goes without saying that these hypocrites have never raised a finger against the honor killings, genital mutilations and the full-face veils that circulate on Spanish streets. El Mundo reveals that forced marriages have increased by 60 percent in Spain.

Mimunt Hamido, the Melilla-born Muslim activist who heads the “NoNosTaparán” platform, tells La Razon: “Political Islam has become strong in Europe. Now racism is confused with Islamophobia and misunderstood multiculturalism does the rest. 'Islamophobia' is the magic word to shut your mouth. Everyone is afraid of being labeled 'Islamophobic', not just people: governments, cities, media...Orientalism is doing a lot of damage, but cultural relativism much more."

Could this be why Iranian women exiles in Spain attack the socialist government of Montero&Sanchez for its silence on Iranian girls fighting against the state veil in Tehran?

In Trieste, Italy, sixty women, feminists, ecologists and even some men (perhaps self-identified as men) participated in a flash mob: all in the water, dressed to show solidarity with the Islamic burqini. Meanwhile, in Iran, the mullahs send veilless women to mental hospitals. As was done in the Soviet Union with dissidents. For these women, no progressive flash mob appears.

In France, Samuel Fitoussi recalls this week in Le Figaro, the left is fighting against skimpily clad hostesses in sports competitions (traditional ritual kisses are now prohibited), make-up, hair removal, high-heeled shoes, "manspreading", "mansplaining" and the “asymmetric distribution” of household tasks. But the same left fervently defends, in the name of "progress," Islamic dresses of all lengths that literally make women disappear from public space, without knowing their preference..

It remains to be seen whether girls covered in an abaya will be allowed to engage in “gender transition” or wear the abaya every other day if they feel “non-binary”. On the other hand, isn't the French ecological leader Sandrine Rousseau engaged in the crusade to "deconstruct the white male" and fight against one of her "symbols of virility", the barbecue? A bit like catcalling on the street, against which they even made a law.

In Finland, the former Interior Minister, Paivi Rasanen, was back in court this week for "incitement to hatred". Did she perhaps ask to stone a homosexual? No, she quoted the Bible on social media to explain that, as a Christian, she is against gay marriage. On the other hand, has the Birmingham imam who has just explained how to stone a woman from the waist up been indicted for hate speech in England?

No, but Juhana Pohjola, bishop of the Finnish Lutheran Church is accused of "incitement to hatred". “As a Christian, I do not want and cannot discriminate or despise anyone,” but the same time, he continued, “this does not eliminate the fact that marriage is intended only between a man and a woman. This is what the church has always taught and will always teach.”

The English police will never read the imam his rights because he will not accused of encouraging stoning, but they have arrested 71-year-old pastor John Sherwood for "alleged homophobic comments.".Sherwood was defining marriage as a relationship between a man and a woman at Uxbridge station, west London. The clergyman was taken away in handcuffs, interrogated, held overnight and released without charges. “I wasn't making any homophobic comments, I was just defining marriage as a relationship between a man and a woman. I was just saying what the Bible says: I didn't mean to hurt or offend anyone," Sherwood explains. “When the police approached, I explained that I was exercising my religious freedom. I believe I was treated shamefully. It should never have happened."

There are electoral and political reasons behind this schizophrenia. Take Brussels, where the left has just chosen another veiled woman as councilor.

The Algerian writer Boualem Sansal says that "the Islamists have won the battle". “They have enslaved the left, paralyzed the right and the far right is terrified of being dragged to court for racism and Islamophobia. The victory of the Islamists was possible thanks to the work of some, the cowardice of others, the cunning of the opportunists and the indifference of passers-by."

Is the European left cowardly, cunning or indifferent? Maybe all three. Or maybe it is busy counting potential votes.