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Duvi HonigOrthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce

It is time to clarify the facts surrounding Israel's relationship with the United States as the American nation approaches its 2024 elections. Israel has faced criticism from both the liberal left and some presidential hopefuls on the right, with calls to cease American aid due to concerns about the burden on taxpayers. However, it is important to recognize that Israel provides invaluable services to the US in the Middle East at a fraction of their true value.

For an annual fee of $3 billion, Israel effectively acts as an outsourced army for the United States for pennies, working tirelessly to safeguard American interests in a volatile region. Furthermore, Israel is the sole recipient of US funding that commits to reinvesting those dollars in the US economy, specifically supporting American businesses. The research and development shared by Israel with US companies is priceless and contributes more to the US economy than the $3 billion provided in aid.

In essence, the US is not simply giving funds to Israel to maintain in its own economy. Instead, these funds are being recycled back into the US economy, generating a considerably higher return on investment than any business venture worldwide. The intelligence provided by Israel has proven vital in preventing numerous terrorist attacks on the West and its allies, thus upholding global security and stability. Without Israel's unwavering commitment to protection, the Middle East would be susceptible to chaos and terrorism.

When comparing this relatively small sum to the exorbitant amounts invested in other countries like Afghanistan, it becomes apparent that Israel's contributions represent unparalleled value and cost-effectiveness. The billions of dollars' worth of ammunition abandoned in Afghanistan only served to bolster America's enemies and undermine its own interests. In contrast, Israel's intelligence, services, and advanced weaponry have proven instrumental in safeguarding American lives and interests.

It is incorrect to view Israel as a beneficiary of American aid. Instead, Israel should be seen as a service provider offering unmatched expertise, intelligence, and technology to the US. The country leads in the creation of state-of-the-art ammunition and artillery, which enhances the safety of Americans both domestically and internationally. Moreover, Israel's technological advancements, such as the Iron Dome, not only protect its own citizens but also benefit the United States and its military.

Those who argue that Israel is reliant on American support fail to grasp the immeasurable value it brings to the table. Establishing US troops and an intelligence network in the Middle East would cost American taxpayers an astronomical amount, estimated at tens of billions of dollars annually. Moreover, such an endeavor would significantly compromise efficiency and effectiveness.

Israel's contributions extend well beyond financial assistance; their impact on lives saved, thwarting of terrorist activities, and overall stability and security is incalculable. It is essential to recognize the immense value that Israel's assistance provides and to reject those who belittle and misunderstand this relationship.

The United States owes Israel a debt of gratitude for its steadfast commitment to preserving America's security, democracy, and the well-being of its people. Describing the $3 billion as aid distorts the reality; it is instead an investment, a service fee, and only a fraction of the value Israel provides in return. It is high time to acknowledge and appreciate the immeasurable contributions Israel makes to the United States and the world.

Additionally, the comparison can be drawn with America's investment in Afghanistan, which has yielded little success. Billions of dollars' worth of ammunition were left behind and fell into the hands of the Taliban, inadvertently aiding America's enemies. This represents a significant loss of resources, unlike the allocation to Israel, which offers substantial returns on investment.

We must not forget that Israel stands at the forefront of creating state-of-the-art ammunition and artillery, thereby enhancing the safety of American soldiers both domestically and internationally. Furthermore, Israel's technological advancements, shared with the US, play a vital role in safeguarding civilians and military personnel.

If the US were to independently handle its troops and intelligence in the Middle East, costs would skyrocket to tens of billions of dollars annually while diminishing efficiency. Israel provides a more cost-effective and efficient solution, fighting battles on America's behalf and protecting it from the threat of terrorism.

Moreover, Israel's efforts have long-lasting effects on global security. For instance, their destruction of Iraq's nuclear reactor ensured West security for 20 years. Had Iraq possessed nuclear weapons during America's intervention, the loss of life and destruction would have been catastrophic.

Therefore, it is crucial to recognize Israel's vital role as America's outsourced army and its contribution to preserving America, democracy, and the entire Western world's safety. Individuals criticizing Israel for receiving American aid must understand that this is a mutually beneficial relationship, with Israel providing critical services and tremendous value in return. It is not a gift but rather an expense and vital service that serves American interests. Together, let us rally to support and express gratitude towards Israel for its unwavering commitment to America's collective security.

Duvi Honig is founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber Of Commerce.

The Orthodox Jewish Chamber Of Commerce www.OjChamber.com is a global umbrella of businesses of all sizes, bridging the highest echelons of the business and governmental worlds together stimulating economic opportunity and positively affecting public policy of governments around the world. Duvi effectively utilizes the power of commerce and these networks to unite and empower people of all backgrounds, and influence public policy at the local, state, federal and international levels. His work was recognized by both President Obama and President Trump and, in 2016, he was honored by a bipartisan group of Senators in the Capitol. The Chambers leadership was recognized most recently by Israel’s D Prime Minister, Israeli Ministers and Members of the Knesset for its advocacy and support on behalf of Israel and the global economy.

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