Tel Aviv

The Municipality of Tel Aviv demands from the Rosh Yehudi movement that holds the Yom Kippur prayer in Dizengoff Square every year not to place partitions during the prayer that would separate men from women.

"If the municipality of Tel Aviv insists on the outrageous ban on erecting partitions during prayer, we will be forced to cancel the traditional prayer on Yom Kippur in Dizengoff Square. Our organization has been holding prayers in accordance with the tradition for thousands of years, with a partition between men and women and we will not change this custom," the movement says.

The movement, which holds the moving prayer every year in the square, continued: "Everyone is welcomed to the prayer in the square with love and inclusion. Most of the worshipers are residents of Tel Aviv, who on a daily basis do not wear a kippah on their heads, do not visit the synagogue and on Yom Kippur choose to come to pray and feel the holiness and unity in the square. We chose to leave the air-conditioned synagogue to the Tel Aviv heat, to connect together with the thousands in the square for holy moments."

"The war against separate prayer in Dizengoff square teaches us a lesson for life. You can pray with partitions, with love and without discriminating against anyone, and you can discriminate, exclude and fight unnecessary wars, even without partitions. Choose which side you are on."