Minister Strock at the protest
Minister Strock at the protestIsrael National News

Minister of Settlements Orit Strock spoke to Israel National News at the pro-government “Rally for Liberty” which took place in Jerusalem on Thursday evening, during which the protesters called on the judges of the Supreme Court not to invalidate Basic Laws.

"We are demonstrating for the freedom of the people of Israel to choose the path of their country at the ballot box," said Strock of the purpose of the demonstration.

"As in any democratic country, you go to the polls, elect representatives and these representatives determine the path of the country and not all kinds of other people who sit in the Supreme Court or elsewhere. This is the essence of the demonstration. It is so simple and trivial," she stated.

"The entire idea of the reform, of fixing the judicial system, is this idea, that whoever the people elected to lead the country can lead the country. It goes into all kinds of details and events, but this is the core, the freedom of the people to choose their path," added Strock.

"We as elected officials, as public servants, cannot tear apart the note that the public gave us when it sent us to do a certain mission. We are committed to this note," said the minister, who also commented on reports of a compromise and the outline discussed in recent days.

"I don't know of any outline, I haven't seen a written paper, we were not called into the room to discuss it. We are always ready to talk, ready to meet someone halfway, as long as the core of the need to fix the judicial system is not uprooted."

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