Overnight, the Shin Bet and police arrested three suspects in the shooting of a candidate for mayor of Nazareth.

On August 28, candidate Musab Dukhan was seriously wounded in the shooting. Dukhan's brother and cousin were also shot and were lightly and moderately wounded, respectively.

The Shin Bet stated that the organization "will continue to act, within the framework of its mission and role, in safeguarding the security of the state, the procedures of democracy and its institutions."

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised the arrests of the suspects. "I commend the Shin Bet and the Israel Police for another successful operation that led to the arrest of the suspects involved in the serious shooting incident in Nazareth. We are determined to continue fighting and to defeat the criminal organizations in the Arab sector."

The shooting in Nazareth is part of a wave of criminal shootings within Israel's Arab sector. The death toll from the violence since the beginning of the year has risen to 168, a substantial increase over last year.

The Shin Bet warned last month that criminal organizations are threatening the lives of about 20 mayoral candidates throughout Israel.