Shoshana Neubert Goldstein
Shoshana Neubert GoldsteinCourtesy of the family

Tragedy struck as Shoshana Neubert Goldstein a”h, a 34-year-old pregnant woman from Yerushalayim, collapsed suddenly at home.

Despite immediate transfer to Shaare Zedek Medical Center, she arrived pulseless. An urgent C-section was performed to deliver her twin girls, born without heartbeats. Sadly, one twin passed away after two days due to organ failure caused by oxygen deprivation.

The surviving twin, Bracha bas Shoshana, remains in critical condition. Shoshana's sudden passing leaves behind her husband, Moshe Goldstein, and their six children, the youngest just a week old.

As a full-time kollel avrech, Moshe faces unexpected expenses for funerals, therapy, and daily costs. Support is urgently needed.

During Elul, a time of reflection, prayer, and charity, your donation can make a real difference. Let's come together to help alleviate their burdens. Please contribute generously to the tzedaka fund. Your act of kindness can bring positivity in their time of sorrow. May your involvement lead to positive change. Amen.