MK Tsega Melaku
MK Tsega MelakuIsrael National News

Member of Knesset Tsega Melaku (Likud) says that the "Justice for Raphael" demonstrations brought back to the public agenda the issue of discriminatory treatment towards Ethiopians.

"The woman charged in the Raphael Adana case was enveloped in support from two bodies: the Israel Police and the Prosecutor's Office. This indicates once again that there is discrimination and selective enforcement against Ethiopians. We have seen this over the years and even in the last demonstration. The color of our skin turns us into criminals," accuses Malko in an interview with Israel National News.

Raphael Adana was a four-year-old boy from an Ethiopian community who was struck and killed by a car in Netanya. His family, along with the protesters, allege that the prosecution is not fully pursuing the case.

In Melaku's opinion, there is clear discrimination in the enforcement of demonstrations. "Ethiopians are afraid of the police, but the opponents of the reform are not afraid of the police, but the police are afraid of them. They don't have money to hire good lawyers. We see how many have been arrested and prosecuted in the protests, and with the opponents of the reform, this did not happen. We demand justice - even though I know there is no justice."

Although, according to Melaku, there has been an improvement over the years, Israeli society still discriminates against Ethiopians: "There is a change regarding racism, but it is still perpetuated. There is discrimination against Ethiopians and it is not only related to the police but to the entire establishment. I was in the media for 34 years, and I am not generalizing, but there are members of the media who mobilized against us and defined us as 'criminals,' 'violent,' and 'primitive.' We need to realize that if the third generation of Ethiopians does not come to terms with this situation, it is not only a problem for Ethiopians but for Israeli society as a whole. If we are not well, other citizens will not be well either."