Demolishing a terrorist's house
Demolishing a terrorist's houseIDF Spokesperson

A month after the verdict was handed down regarding the demolition of the home of the terrorist Alkam Hayeri who carried out the attack in the Neve Ya'akov neighborhood of Jerusalem in January in which seven Jews were murdered, the home has not yet been destroyed.

This is despite the fact that the verdict pointed to a situation in which the delay between the execution of the attack and the approval of the demolition of the terrorist's house was due to a prolonged delay by the officials in the security system.

According to the monitoring of the legal wing of the Im Tirzu movement, this is an extremely unusual delay of eight months between the execution of the attack and the approval of the demolition of the house.

Immediately after the IDF order to demolish the terrorist's house, the terrorist's family submitted a petition against the demolition of the house through the organization funded, among other things, by the German government, the Center for the Protection of the Individual.

The legal department of Im Tirzu was surprised to discover the military delay in the legal process. According to the verdict, "On 23.2 the petitioner submitted a request, to which was attached an engineering opinion, in which it was stated that the demolition of the apartment could cause damage to the other apartments in the building as well as to neighboring buildings, in view of the density of the neighborhood. The petitioner claimed that in view of the above there is a very high probability of injury to innocents, and that the demolition could cause damage to the building's infrastructure."

It turns out that only at the beginning of July, five months after the request was submitted, the commander of the Home Front Command rejected the request, after receiving a supplementary engineering opinion on the matter, which stated that no basis for the claims was found.

Another paragraph in the judgment repeats the court's determination that a terrorist's house can be sealed immediately and given the right of argument only in retrospect. In the research department of Im Tirzu, the data was recently published which showed that during 2023, despite the procedure allowing sealing, in practice this only took place in two cases.

Alon Schwarzer, head of the research division of the Im Tirzu movement, said that "The delay in the demolition of the terrorists' houses by the security establishment is a scandal and is a serious blow to deterrence. Is this a policy change or part of the 'tribute' to the Saudis or the PA? We don't know, but one thing we know clearly: precisely under Minister Gallant, there is an unimaginable delay in the demolition of terrorist houses. We call for the terrorist's house to be destroyed immediately."