Benny Gantz
Benny GantzMichael Goldberg

The chairman of the National Unity Party, MK Benny Gantz, spoke on Monday evening at a conference of the Jewish People Policy Institute and attacked the government’s planned reform of the judicial system.

"The State of Israel is a Jewish state not because of one law or another, but because of its values, the foundations on which it is founded, and the majority of the Israeli public wants it to continue that way," Gantz said. "We face enormous security and economic challenges, and unfortunately there are extremist voices that seek to tear us apart. The State of Israel cannot afford to be torn apart by a handful of extremists who seek to change the face of our nation by changing the judicial system."

"We must continue to strengthen the solidarity between the citizens on the basis of the understanding that each of us can live according to our faith and perception while recognizing the need to compromise so that we can all live side by side under one Jewish and democratic state."

He also said, "They say that I do not present a clear policy, that my statements are compromising and incoherent. What is revealed is that the extremists are the greatest danger to the Jewish people today. The 'magic' solutions and 'simple solutions', which they presented as ideology - turn out to be a tragedy in the face of a complex reality This is what happens when extremism meets reality. And reality requires complex solutions."

Regarding the rift in the nation, Gantz said, "We must not ignore the major disputes in the public, and we certainly must not leave them to be decided by extremists. After 75 years, it is time to update the status quo by agreement, to bring diversity to the judicial system, while maintaining its independence and strength, and to formulate a new Israeli service model, one that will guarantee our security and the strength of the army of the people for decades to come, guarantee quality state education for everyone, alongside education that reflects the beliefs of each sector. If we ignore these enormous challenges - they will blow up in our faces. If we try to bring about quick unilateral coups - we will fall apart."

Gantz continued, "The role of the Attorney General is to maintain the rule of law, and all attacks on her are in essence terrorism intended to threaten her. I support her and strengthen her and I will continue to do so."