The arrest operation
The arrest operationIsrael Police

It has been cleared for publication that the Border Police and Shin Bet arrested four terrorists from the Shuafat refugee camp on suspicion that they were involved in an attempt to harm the security forces and also participated in shooting at Jews in Pisgat Ze'ev.

The investigation of the terrorists revealed that they were involved in 12 cases of acts of terrorism and attempts to harm police officers from within the refugee camp in recent months. Among other things, they shot at the security forces, threw explosives at soldiers and policemen, and also threw Molotov cocktails and stones.

In one of the cases, a Border Police officer was slightly injured as a result of an explosive device being thrown at him.

The police stated that "the detention of the suspects was extended from at the Peace Court in Jerusalem. With the conclusion of the investigation by the Shin Bet and the police, in the last few days a prosecutor's statement was filed against them, and today an indictment was filed against them in the Supreme Court, which includes 12 different charges by the Jerusalem district attorney's office."