Minister for the Advancement of the Status of Women May Golan (Likud), a resident of south Tel Aviv, spoke with Israel National News-Arutz Sheva about Saturday's violent clashes between Eritrean infiltrators in her neighborhood.

Golan says that while riots of this scope are unprecedented, "I'm not surprised, I'm not surprised at all. I know that the majority of the public here in Israel and the public that follows Israel is surprised, but I've been witnessing this violence for decades, and I know what these people are capable of. We have a serious problem with the illegal infiltrators who come here because we lack a serious immigration policy in Israel, one that I've been fighting for for the past 15 years."

According to Golan, if the lack of immigration policy is not solved, "we will lose the Jewish character of this country because these people know that according to the Supreme Court's ruling, every law that we submit to fix this issue, they can do whatever they want."

The Minister warns, "I know that this violence was between them now, but I won't be surprised when this violence will be against us. It was already against our Israeli police, and I wish them well."

Golan describes the character of many of the African infiltrators who populate southern Tel Aviv: "They understand that having as many children in Israel as possible and aligning themselves with the radical left is what will keep them safe and strike roots in the Israeli population. I know what they say among them because I live among them; they hate Israel and the basic right of the Jewish nation to exist. When their children say they wish that Hitler would finish us and that Israel belongs to Palestine, you know where they get this education."

The Minister explains the connection between the immigration issue and the government's judicial reform plan: "We see that after we sat for days and hours on the immigration law, to actually build an immigration policy in Israel, they overruled it, again and again, and again. This is unlike any democracy that claims to let the people who are chosen by a democratic system do what they want for their people."

Regarding those who say that Jews should open their borders to refugees, Golan says: "Because we know what it means to be refugees, I know what a refugee really is, and these are not refugees. There are no real refugees in Israel. Because those people are work immigrants who want to earn a year's salary in a month here compared to their country. But the gap between them being real refugees and the fact that they are work immigrants is so big. They want to live better, they want a status here, they want citizenship here, but they are not refugees. No one from around the world can preach to me what it means to be a refugee. I don't want to end up like France; I don't want to be Canada. The UN won't tell me what's good for me in my country."