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Tally GotlivIsrael National News

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office on Friday condemned remarks by Likud MK Tally Gotliv, who wrote on her Twitter account, "It's good to know that the Shin Bet and the IDF are working with the terrorists and the prisoners."

"Outrageous statement by MK Gotliv. The IDF, Shin Bet and other security forces work day and night to maintain Israel's security and attack terrorists. Indeed, the security forces have managed to eliminate over 160 and arrest over 1,500 terrorists since the beginning of the year," the statement said.

"Yesterday, Prime Minister Netanyahu held a situational assessment together with Defense Minister Gallant and the heads of the defense establishment, and everyone is working in a unified manner for Israel's security with responsibility and discretion," the statement added.

It followed an earlier tweet by Gotliv, who wrote, "It's good to know that the Shin Bet and the IDF are working with the terrorists and the security prisoners. The entire deep state is against Minister Ben Gvir. Kudos to you, Itamar, for the right-wing governance. Security prisoners, brutal murderers, have been enjoying prison conditions with illusory benefits for years. And if reducing the rights of terrorist murderers harms security, according to the Shin Bet and IDF, something very bad is happening here."

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant also condemned Gotliv and said, "The serious statements sounded by ministers and members of Knesset are akin to the trampling of the national flag. I reject with disgust the outbursts of irresponsible politicians against the security bodies and call on them to apologize immediately."

Minister of Aliyah and Integration Ofir Sofer said, "The IDF and the defense establishment are working day and night to protect the State of Israel and its citizens. And they deserve our appreciation. The low point reached by members of the Knesset calls for some real soul searching."

MK Hili Tropper from the National Unity Party responded "No, Knesset member Gotliv, the Shin Bet and the IDF do not work for the terrorists, but for the citizens of Israel. They give their lives in defense of you and all the citizens of Israel. Some of them pay with their lives so that you, Ben Gvir and all citizens of Israel can live safely. Members of Knesset who accuse Israel's heroes of being friends with Israel haters - are a disgrace. Thank you, commanders and fighters of the IDF and Shin Bet, for protecting the country from the terrorists."

The Darkenu movement filed a complaint with the Israel Police against Gotliv. Nimrod Dweck, CEO of the movement, said, "These statements are unforgivable. A member of the Knesset of the State of Israel permits the blood of the security forces. MK Gotliv must be investigated and prosecuted for her contemptuous words against the security forces of the State of Israel."

"We expect the Prime Minister and the Likud party to immediately issue a statement condemning MK Gotliv’s incitement. A lack of response on their part will be further proof of their moral bankruptcy," he added.

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