Scene of the ramming attack near Modi'in
Scene of the ramming attack near Modi'inJamal Awad/Flash90

The Hamas terror group praised a Thursday morning ramming attack which left an IDF soldier dead and five others wounded.

Three other soldiers suffered injuries: one soldier was seriously injured, and two others suffered light injuries. The Palestinian Authority terrorist was eliminated.

Khazam Qassam, a Hamas spokesperson, said that the ramming attack at the Maccabim checkpoint, the Wednesday night stabbing attack near the Old City of Jerusalem, and the explosive devices which detonated in Shechem (Nablus) are a "serious blow" to the feeling of security which Israelis have, and demonstrate the variety of fighting methods and ability that the "Palestinians" have to act in various arenas.

According to Qassam, these terror attacks send a clear message to the "occupier" that he will not have security so long as he "conquers our land and attacks our holy places."

He added that the "opposition and revolution," meaning the armed struggle, will spread to all of the "Palestinian areas" in the war of attrition against "the occupier and its security mechanisms."

Qassam also said that despite the "military invasions" into "Palestinian cities" and the arrests conducted by Israeli security forces, the "opposition" continues to escalate and receives wide public support.

The challenges facing the "opposition" are the "terror of the occupation" and the Palestinian Authority's insistence on continuing to coordinate with Israel on security matters and persecute the "Palestinian fighters," he added.

"The opposition in the [West] Bank is able to bring the occupation to a strategic crisis which will threaten its security and existence and exhaust its powers, abilities, and put a stop to its settlement plans in the Bank, in Jerusalem, and in Al-Aqsa Mosque," he said.

He concluded, "The Arab and Islamic nation has an obligation to support this opposition, since it expresses the first line of defense of the Arab and Islamic space, against the occupation's plans."