Rabbi Simcha Stettner protesting outside the prison
Rabbi Simcha Stettner protesting outside the prisonCourtesy of the photographer

Dozens of participants arrived last Friday, as they do every week, to the Eshel Prison in order to demand that the justice system "do justice with Amiram Ben Uliel" who is imprisoned there.

Among the many participants was the president of Yeshiva Nachalat Yisrael in Migdal Ha'emek, Rabbi Simcha Stettner. Rabbi Stettner strengthened the many activists who arrived and told them to "persevere and not give up until justice is done."

"Nobody understands how this travesty of justice is happening. It is simply persecution. It is a chilul Hashem for a Jew to be persecuted in the Holy Land. Every one should feel guilty that this terrible thing is happening. I always hesitate before signing petitions. But I did not hesitate for a moment to sign a petition on behalf of Amiram ben Uliel. I signed as soon as I was asked," he related.

"History proves that success in any endeavor requires determination and perseverance. We succeeded in legalizing Homesh. The 15 years of persistent efforts of one individual bore fruit. He persevered against all odds, against all logic, against all opposition. The same is true of the entire settlement movement. In fact, four Jews founded the entire settlement movement. I remember that they wanted to establish settlements, Rav Zvi Yehuda said no. Rav Felix and Rav Hanan Porat then came and told the Rav that this time they did not come to ask permission, but to inform - we are establishing settlements. Ravi Zvi Yehuda answered: 'If so, I am with you.' He wanted to see the strength of their dedication and determination.

"The same applies to our efforts on behalf of Amiram ben Uliel. Be strong! Persevere! Sometimes ten will come, sometimes twenty, and sometimes two will come. Even if there are three people here, stand with the loudspeaker as if there are 300. We are addressing God. He does not need a large audience. He creates miracles, and Homesh is one example. We appeal to the Master of Universe to issue justice for Amiram. Do not be alarmed by background noises. Hashem (G-d) will not abandon Amiram. We only hope that his salvation will be imminent, and that we will soon merit to see him freed. Amen."

In the last few months, activists from the Headquarters for Justice for Amiram have been coming to Be'er Sheva every Friday and assembling outside the Eshel Prison. In recent weeks, they increased their activities and launched a campaign to gather signatures from all strata of Israeli society, demanding justice for Amiram.

The signed letter was published with over 300 signatories, including rabbis, public figures, and academics calling on Prime Minister Netanyahu to order the transfer of Ben Uliel from solitary confinement to the Torah wing of the prison before the upcoming holidays. In addition, videos have been released featuring key public figures calling for a retrial, demanding that Amiram be judged based on actual evidence rather than on testimony forced under torture. Among Amiram's supporters are Professor Talia Einhorn, Jonathan Pollard, Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, and the chairwoman of the Nachala movement, Daniela Weiss.