Ezra Yachin
Ezra YachinIsrael National News

Ezra Yachin, who fought in the paramilitary organization Lehi before the founding of Israel, commented on the deadly attack on Route 443 and the security forces' handling of terrorism in and around the Palestinian terrorists: "Before the murder, every terrorist was innocent." These comments are believed to refer to the IDF's treatment of the causes of terrorism in general and the future treatment of the state in the home or family of the terrorist from this morning, who was eliminated by the security forces after the attack was carried out.

Yachin wrote on his Facebook account: "Before the murder, every terrorist was innocent and was one of the 'not involved.'

It should be noted that his position is not new. In an interview about four years ago with Israel National News, Yachin claimed: "Any nation that wants to win a war kills innocents indiscriminately. Our advantage is that there are no innocents."

The terrorist Abd Razak Faiz, who carried out the ramming at the Maccabim checkpoint today (Thursday), in which a soldier was killed and five others were injured, entered Israeli territory on foot at 5:55 am with his work permit. This is according to a preliminary investigation of the attack.

The terrorist carried out the attack in a vehicle with an Israeli license plate. Among other things, he went through the fence before arriving at the scene of the attack.

While the terrorist was driving on Route 443, he made a U-turn in front of the Maccabim checkpoint and spotted soldiers leaving the base and walking towards the checkpoint. At this point, the terrorist ran over the soldiers and hit other people, including a 25-year-old man and a young woman who were in a private vehicle that the terrorist collided with while starting to escape and was slightly injured. Also, two young men about 20 years old were seriously and lightly injured, and a Palestinian boy about 15 years old was slightly injured.

After that, the terrorist tried to escape to the village of Deir Amar in Samaria and passed through the Hashmonaim checkpoint. The terrorist tried to run over the security guards who killed him.