Residents and motorists in Burlington Ontario, Canada were warned not to open their windows after boxes containing five million bees fell off of a truck Wednesday morning.

Burlington police posted on X: "Officers dealing with load of 5 million bees fallen off truck onto roadway. Passing vehicles/residents advised to close windows & pedestrians avoid area until clear."

HRPS spokesperson Ryan Anderson told CBC News: “We’re not sure how or what exactly took place but at some point, the boxes containing bees or beehives slid off the trailer and spilled all over the road."

The truck driver said during an interview with that he lost control of the vehicle after encountering an object on the road. He said that the bees were disorientated after the fall and their flight after escaping the boxes was meant to reorient themselves.

Police summoned the aid of dozens of beekeepers in corralling the millions of buzzing insects and returning them to their hives. A number of the beekeepers have been stung in the attempt.

Police stated that the vast majority of the bees were contained about three hours after the accident.