Ronn Torossian
Ronn TorossianINN:RT
Major American cities are facing turmoil with crime and intense political drama on all sides of the political aisle. In the last week, Politico ran a headline about “Preserving American Democracy,” The Washington Post on “The Threat to Democracy in the coming Election”, and The Hill ran a story entitled “The 2024 election could challenge American democracy.”

American media are dominated with wall to wall coverage regarding challenges to democracy, claims of stolen elections and claims of indictments of political opponents over political differences. Against that backdrop - and waning American dominance worldwide - the U.S. State Department chooses to criticize Israel regularly.

Does not America face major internal opposition and strife? Is there any form of unity in the U.S.? Doesn’t seem like it to me.

Yes, there are those in Israeli government leadership whose words are often inappropriate and who should watch what they say – and do - much more carefully. They are wrong to turn to outsiders, although there are many challenges and problems which exist in Israeli society.

Is that not the case in American politics? Daily?

Indeed, Israel is facing intense protests and is in the midst of a major crisis with tensions very high. Those protests however – unlike many on both sides of the aisle in the US – are largely peaceful and non-violent. People don’t fear for their safety when walking outside into these protests – they are largely family gatherings with entertainment and people intently hoping for a better society on all sides of the political aisle. Leaders of the protest continue to demonstrate – forcefully, loudly and without fail worldwide – against Israeli governmental leaders.

Unlike any other country in the Middle East, ex-pats protest and don’t fear their families at home will be summarily arrested or worse. There’s no fear of being cancelled for supporting one side or the other – unlike the U.S. – and Israel remains intensely democratic.

It is shameful that there is not a single American Jewish organization standing up to the United States and yelling loudly from the sky that the United States should not lecture Israel about democracy. The U.S. is facing intense issues about extremism, threats to democracy and political leadership that speaks out of turn – its not only the 75 year old Jewish state.

Israeli leaders – and American Jewish “leaders” – would be well-served to often remember the wise words of the great Zionist ideologue Ze’ev Jabotinsky who wrote in 1911 a great piece, called “Go To Hell.”

“Instead of excessive apology and instead of turning our backs to the accusers – as there is nothing to apologize for, and nobody to apologize to – it is long overdue to respond to all current and future accusations, reproaches, suspicions, slanders and denunciations by simply folding our arms and loudly, clearly, coldly and calmly answer,’Go to Hell!’

“Who are we, to make excuses to them; who are they to interrogate us? What is the purpose of this mock trial over the entire people where the sentence is known in advance? Our habit of constantly and zealously answering to any rabble has already done us a lot of harm and will do much more. The situation that has been created as a result, tragically confirms a well-known saying: ‘Qui s’excuse s’accuse’ (He who apologizes condemns himself).

“We think that our constant readiness to undergo a search without hesitation and to turn out our pockets will eventually convince mankind of our nobility; look what gentlemen we are–we do not have anything to hide! This is a terrible mistake. The real gentlemen are the people that will not allow anyone for any reason to search their apartments, their pockets or their souls. Only a person under surveillance is ready for a search at every moment. This is the only inevitable conclusion from our maniacal reaction to every reproach, to accept responsibility as a people for every action of a Jew, and to make excuses in front of everybody.

“I consider this system to be false at its very root. We are hated not because we are blamed for everything, but we are blamed for everything because we are not loved. We do not have to apologize for anything. We are a people as all other peoples; we do not have any intentions to be better than the rest. We do not have to account to anybody; we are not to sit for anybody’s examination and nobody is old enough to call on us to answer. We came before them. We are what we are, we are good for ourselves, we will not change and we do not want to.”

Justice seekers worldwide would be well pressed to remember that the only Jewish state in the world is the good guy no matter which way you look in the world. Remember these words of Jabotinsky.

Israel remains a country where the Jews remain safe and thriving – and continue to fight an existential war against terror. Stand with Israel.

Ronn Torossianis a Public Relations executive.