Hebrew University on Mount Scopus
Hebrew University on Mount ScopusHadas Parush/Flash 90

An official document of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem calls on Palestinian students "from the occupied territories" to apply for the "Yad Hanadiv" doctoral scholarship program.

According to the document, the scholarship will be NIS 8,000 per month for five years. Those eligible, according to the language of the document are "Palestinian citizens living in the occupied Palestinian territories, including the West Bank and the Gaza Strip." The document clarifies that "Palestinians from East Jerusalem are not eligible."

The Lach Yerushalaim organization and the Im Tirtzu movement were outraged by the document: "A public institution, which is receiving a huge amount of its budget from the taxpayers, operates in a post-Zionist manner and defines areas under the control of the PA as "occupied.” As if the work in the academic preparatory program was not enough, students who support terrorism and who went on strike from their studies during Operation Guardian of the Wall were accepted, now the university is opening its doors to students who come from an education for hatred of Israel and the murder of Jews, as has been shown in the textbooks of the Palestinian Authority. This is a disaster for Israeli academia, the Minister of Education must intervene!"