The Herzliya Gymnasium
The Herzliya GymnasiumShlomi Yosef

Saleh Diab, an Arab resident of the Shimon HaTzadik neighborhood of Jerusalem and a released prisoner who was convicted of attacking Jews on nationalistic grounds and served a prison sentence, will speak at the beginning of next week at the opening of the year at the "Herzliya Gymnasium" school in Tel Aviv, as part of which he will also 'launch' a letter of refusal from the 'Youth Against Dictatorship' movement '.

Diab, who was previously reported by Israel National News to have been summoned to a hearing at his place of work in the Mega supermarket chain after his actions against Jews became known, will speak to students at an event which will include, among other things, lectures by various organizations and bodies associated with the extreme left, such as 'Breaking the Silence', the Israeli Communist Youth Alliance and the organization 'Refusers', which encourages young people to refuse to enlist in the IDF.

The CEO of 'Betzalmo' Shai Glick sent a letter to the Minister of Education Kisch calling for the cancellation of the event and wrote: "Saleh Diab attacked Jews several times in the Shimon Hatzadik neighborhood and only recently last June was he arrested for an obvious attack on Jews, and he was even previously convicted of assault and spent time in prison for it. This is a convicted terrorist. It makes no sense that a convicted terrorist would speak in front of students. In the past, it was announced on Israel National News that he was summoned to a hearing before being fired from his job at the Mega supermarket network due to allegations of his violent behavior. Such a person deserves to educate the children of Israel?"

"I call on you to order the cancellation of this delusional event. In addition, the time has come once and for all to check the delusional behavior of the school's headmaster and whether he is fit to lead students. I am the last person in the world to fire a man, but this is about the moral rights of educating the children of Israel," added Glick.

The Minister of Education, Yoav Kisch, has not yet given a response. The Herzliya Gymnasium has not yet responded either.