Anti-judicial reform protests
Anti-judicial reform protestsFenton\Flash90

Dr. Gadi Taub wrote a daring article in Tablet last week titled "Israel’s Elites Revolt Against Democracy." I agree with Gadi Taub’s Tablet article After all, he was a founder member of the Peace Now movement, changed his mind and he’s an intellectual heavyweight like Ran Baratz.

Taub, with elegance, describes the judicial tyranny exercised by the legal establishment. There are many other right-wing intellectuals who have come to the same understanding as Taub.

They too describe the problem in the same manner, as I believe many right-wing politicians, Netanyahu included, do. However, this is a political conflict with no chance of resolution through legal nuances. It’s past time for straight talk. The Right must leave its comfort zone—an ivory tower—of academic legal parrying for and against judicial reform.

Groups of ex-military officers, tycoons, members of the legal establishment, and mass media are leading a hysterical protest movement. They aim for a ‘peaceful’ coup of a democratically elected government but are not afraid of violence if peaceful protest fails. Don’t take my word for it. Haaretz journalist Yossi Melman wrote on 20 July,

“A military coup is underway in Israel. This is the unvarnished truth. At the same time, there is an attempt to play with words in order to avoid looking the reality in the eye. The rebels and their supporters are employing euphemisms and resorting to linguistic acrobatics rather than stating unequivocally that there is insubordination among many Israel Defense Forces reservists. They refer to it instead as “ceasing to volunteer.”

Melman went on, "This rebellion is widespread and extends beyond the petitions that have already been signed by thousands of IDF reservists (in active duty or not), the Mossad and the Shin Bet secret service. It also exceeds the thousand or more pilots, air force technical staff, special ops personnel, elite units, Unit 8200 operatives and the technological unit of the Intelligence Branch, military doctors and more, who have not reported for reserve duty or warned that they will not report if the government’s judicial overhaul legislation, which they call regime change, is passed.”

Netanyahu and his government have yet to figure out that a well-funded rebellion is underway. If I’m wrong and they have figured it out, their responses have been less than stellar. Instead of passing the reforms we elected them for, they weakened them, hoping to appease the opposition and protesters. There is nothing this government can do to satisfy the insurrectionists. They want nothing less than to topple this government.

Efforts toward dialogue and compromise have failed. Netanyahu has to lead and provide policy solutions to put down rather than quell this military judicial coup d’état. The Prime Minister can't allow the Left's violent threats to stop him from rejecting arbitrary Supreme Court rulings. And Netanyahu should require The Chiefs of Staff to resign if they refuse to pledge loyalty to the government and enforce discipline in the military.

The right-wing camp has to know that we are at a historic moment in Jewish history; a genuine threat to Jewish sovereignty is at hand, and its identity and soul are at stake. The progressive left wants to cast aside Judaism and remake Israel to resemble other secular states like France. If the progressive rebellion succeeds, Israel will lose its Jewish identity and cease to exist.

Malcolm Dash was until retirement Director of Operations at the Israel Institute for Strategic (IISS) Studies In 1968 he made Aliyah from Cape Town where he had studied economics and business administration at Cape Town University, served in the IDF including service during the “1973 Yom Kippur” war and work in a volunteer capacity with the Public Diplomacy Section “Hasbara” of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He later founded the Association for Israel-international Affairs and successfully arranged private briefings and seminars for the embassies of China, India, and Vietnam.