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The commandment to love the convert (Devarim 10:19) is an all encompassing mitzvah. In Sefer Hamitzvot (positive mitzvah 207) the Rambam writes, “Know that the obligation is great to love the convert, just as we were commanded to love His name.” We are commanded to love a ger just as we are commanded to love G-d himself! This mitzvah obliges us constantly, in all places and at all times.

A surprising comment is made in the Midrash: “Rabi Shimon ben Lakish said, ‘The convert is more precious to G-d than those who stood before Har Sinai.’” Those who convert to Judaism have an enormous merit and special connection to G-d.

How is it possible to practically fulfill the mitzvah to love the convert?

Rabbi Aharon Rabinowitz, of Beit Ohel Avraham in Jerusalem, has discovered an unusual opportunity to fulfill this powerful mitzvah.

A young giyoret from Neve Yaakov is engaged to be married to a man who is himself a baal teshuvah. She does not have a penny to her name with which to begin married life. With no family support or outside help, building a new Jewish home is nigh on impossible for this young couple.

In his recommendation letter for the giyoret, Rabbi Rabinowitz writes:

“This is a most mehudar mitzvah of hachnasat kallah, to enable this couple to start off in life. This is an important and rare mitzvah, a double mitzvah: apart from the mitzvah of hachnasat kallah there is the rare merit [of loving the convert].”

To help the penniless giyoret get married and merit the rare double mitzvah, click here.