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Imagine if a conservative white mayor of London had posted on his website, 'They don't represent Londoners', with a photo of a brown-skinned, Muslim family. He would have resigned in two hours. But this has been done, in reverse, by Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Netflix's Bridgerton star Adjoa Andoh called the appearance of the British royal family from Buckingham Palace after the coronation of Charles III "terribly white". Khan and Andoh are so true that now one of the major British demographers explains that whites are condemned to become a minority in their own country which they have inhabited for two thousand years and that this reversal will take place within a single generation.

The Office for National Statistics recently revealed that, in a major change since 1991, when ethnic minorities made up just over a quarter of the city, 59.1% of Leicester's population comes from ethnic minorities. Minorities also make up more than half the population in Luton (54.8%) and Birmingham (51.4%), the second-largest city in the UK, where, 20 years ago, 70% of the population was native English.

Leicester, Luton and Birmingham are among 14 large areas of England where people who identify as "white" now make up the minority. The highest proportion are found in the London boroughs of Newham (69.2%), Brent (65.4%) and Redbridge (65.2%). Outside London, the highest proportion of non-whites is in Slough (64.0%), followed by Leicester (59.1%), Luton (54.8%) and Birmingham (51.4%).

For the first time since the 7th century AD, England is no longer majority-Christian.

Here is the situation today in major British cities and boroughs. The total population is listed on the left, the Islamic percentage, in parentheses:

  • Birmingham, 1,149,000: (29.9%)
  • Leeds, 792,000: (7.8%)
  • Sheffield: 584,000: (10.3%)
  • Bradford: 536,000 (30.5%)
  • Manchester: 553,000 (22.3%)
  • Bristol: 467,000 (6.7%)
  • Cardiff: 357,000 (9.3%)
  • Leicester: 357,000 (23.5%)
  • Nottingham: 331,000 (12.2%)
  • Newcastle: 315,000 (10.3%)
  • Blackburn with Darwen: 148,000 (35%)
  • Fenland: 101,000 (12.2 %)
  • Luton: 218,000 (32.9%)
  • Slough: 164,000 (29.4% )
  • Watford: 96,000 (13%)
  • Pendle: 91,000 (26%)
  • Oldham: 237,000 (24.3%)
  • Rochdale: 211,000 (18.8%)
  • Kirklees: 438,000 (19%)
  • Barking and Dagenham: 211,000 (24.4%)
  • Brent: 331,000 (21.4%)
  • Newham: 352,000 (34.8%)
  • Redbridge: 303,000 (31.3%)
  • Tower Hamlets: 319,000 (39.9%)
  • Westminster: 261,000 (20%)

“White children will be a minority in England within 30 years,” reveals an Oxford research by Paul Morland. Morland says immigration to the UK will come from non-EU countries. He mentions Poland, where even before Brexit a long period of "very low fertility" combined with rising living standards reduced the motivation to go to the UK. Today Poland is in full demographic suicide. Pakistanis, on the other hand, will not and will go from 230 million to 400 million in a generation, an Islamic cauldron as big as the whole EU and whose youth will leave for the stans that will have been created around Europe.

All scholars agree on what is happening in Europe. Progressives say it's wonderful, while conservatives that the 'survival' of a country is at stake.

Parag Khanna, migration expert and author of “Move: How Mass Migration Will Reshape The World And What It Means For You”, told the Scottish newspaper Herald: “In London, Mohammed is already the most popular name among those born. We will see the effects of mass migrations in the next 30-50 years.

In recent days, a poem on "colonization in reverse" was posted in the London underground. Even the Church of England has just embraced “critical race theory,” a form of cultural Marxism born on the degenerate campuses of America and which puts white Western civilization on trial. Meanwhile, the University of Cambridge has told students that the Anglo-Saxons are a "myth" to be overcome in order to build an "anti-racist" civilization.

“The British will be a minority by 2066,” wrote David Coleman, the most important English demographer, professor at Oxford, in Prospect magazine. “The 50 percent threshold has no special demographic significance, but it will have considerable psychological and political impact, and the transition from majority to minority will represent a huge shift in cultural, political and religious identity.”

And in the future, to accommodate all immigrants from Asia, England will have to build "eighteen Birminghams".

Mohammed today is the first name in all of England: the first in Manchester, the first in Nottingham, the first in Leicester, the first in Leeds, the first in Luton, the first in Bradford…Everywhere the same numbers in the biggest British cities.

In just a generation, Islam will be the first religion in all of England.

And to think that just ten years ago, to the great wrath of the liberal intelligentsia, David Cameron defined England as a "Christian country".

We are experiencing the biggest demographic change since the Anglo-Saxon invasions of the 5th century. Nothing like this has ever happened before.

England's future can already be seen in Blackburn, where there are more than 40 mosques and a quarter of the population is already Muslim, there are areas 95 per cent of ethnic minorities and “minarets and mosques have replaced church towers”.

100.000 migrants landed in Italy in the first 8 months of 2023. Meanwhile, another large number of migrants enteedr via Greece and Spain. Many converge on Germany, where the number of entries is growing dramatically. Others pass through France and, when they don't stop, they sail on dinghies across the Channel to England. Prior to 2018, there were only sporadic reports of migrants attempting to enter the UK. That year the crossings were 539. More than 100,000 migrants have crossed the Channel since then.

"In Germany, 18 percent of the population is immigrants, it is a very profound transformation," the British liberal Ben Judah tells Le Monde this week. "Europe is changing, demographically, culturally, ethnically," says Judah. "To deny this fact, influenced by immigration, an aging population and cheap labor economics, would be to leave the discussion in the hands of conspiracy theorists." Only liberals see "conspiracy theorists" everywhere, while the great historian Bernard Lewis, who coined the term "clash of civilizations" popularized by Samuel Huntington and who was hardly a conspirator, said before he died that "eventually in this century" Europe will be Islamic.

Germany has just seen a record increase in asylum applications in the first six months: 162,271 migrants. The vast majority come from Islamic nations with 71.1 percent coming from Syria, Afghanistan, Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Somalia. Applications from Turkey have tripled in one year and from Afghanistan and Syria by 80 and 77 percent. On its current trajectory, there will be 325,000 migrants at the end of the year, a figure surpassed only twice in German history: in 1992 and 2015.

George Bernard Shaw, reflecting on the transience of the great powers, invoked an English village: “Rome fell. Babylon fell. Hindhead's turn will come.”

Immigration to six zeros, de-Christianization, dizzying drop in fertility, globalism and cancel culture have brought us into this social-demographic revolution. And with it, a religious revolution. Which is much, much worse.

Giulio Meottiis an Italian journalist with Il Foglio and writes a twice-weekly column for Arutz Sheva. He is the author of 20 books, including "A New Shoah", that researched the personal stories of Israel's terror victims, published by Encounter. His writing has appeared in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Gatestone Institute and Die Weltwoche. He is also a Middle East Forum Writing Fellow.