Gazans wait at the Erez Crossing
Gazans wait at the Erez CrossingAttia Muhammed/Flash90

In recent weeks, the defense echelon has reached agreements to increase the number of Gazans allowed into Israel for work purposes. However, in light of information showing that Hamas is directing terror attacks in Judea and Samaria, and due to the terror organization's decision to restart the riots on the Israel-Gaza border, Israel has decided to "punish" Hamas by freezing the move, Kan Reshet Bet reported.

Currently, approximately 18,000 Gazans enter Israel for work purposes, and the defense echelon initially approved increasing this number to the maximum permitted - 20,000 Gazans.

However, due to the understanding that Hamas is directing the terror in Israel on a daily basis, the approvals were frozen.

Since Israel initially approved allowing Gazans to work in Israel, the economic situation in Gaza has significantly improved, and there is great pressure there to increase the number of people working in Israel, since they are a positive force for Gaza's economy.

The announcement regarding the increase in the number of Gazans allowed to work in Israel was initially expected to happen in the coming days. Now, however, it is not clear when, or if, the defense echelon will allow the move, so long as Hamas continues to incite terror in Judea and Samaria.