The family of 4-year-old Refael Adana, who was killed in a car accident, met on Sunday with representatives of the prosecutor's office and published an angry message after the meeting.

During the meeting, the Prosecutor's Office showed the family videos from the security cameras, which recorded 80-year-old Carol Fassler’s car before and after the accident. The accident was not recorded since the camera at the scene was not operating.

According to the family, Carol Fassler and her daughter, dentist Dr. Heidi Fassler, were in the car, but the Prosecutor's Office has photographs showing that there was only one driver in the car, and that was Carol, the mother.

"We left with very hard feelings that, in our case, the investigating authority was not driven by the investigation of the truth," family members said.

According to them,” the investigative materials are riddled with holes, like a block of cheese in a mouse hole, and additional investigative measures are needed, and for good reason. It seems that no one is taking responsibility, and the protest is starting to take effect." They added, "The demonstrations will continue until we get to the truth."

The Prosecutor's Office responded: "During the meeting today, the Adana family presented two points that they asked to examine in-depth, and the Prosecutor's Office stated that it would conduct this examination in the presence of the police. At this stage, the investigation has not been completed. The decision to file an indictment subject to a hearing remains in place."