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The Association of Psychologists in Israel recently expressed support for LGBT organizations that promote gender reassignment surgeries, including for children, after they claimed that these people were recently attacked with harsh statements towards them.

Professional officials contacted the national labor union and wondered how it expresses support for the controversial issue in the professional world while hiding the proven damages caused by the policy of support and confirmation of the gender change illusion. Following the criticism, the union decided to establish a professional committee that would examine the issue.

The "Bocharim Bamishpacha" (Choosing Family) organization claims that most of the members of the committee clearly support the LGBT agenda. "So, for example, a member of the committee is Dr. Galit Erez, who established a clinic for gender diversity at Ichlov Hospital in Tel Aviv. Another member of the committee is Professor Guy Shilo from Tel University Aviv. Asher boasts that he volunteers in LGBT organizations and even works in the Knesset committees to assist LGBT organizations. In addition, a member of the committee is Professor Tomer Shechner from the University of Haifa, who holds lectures under the title "Gender Diversity in Childhood and Adolescence".

Michael Foa, chairman of the organization, said: "We demand from the Association of Psychologists to hold an open public discussion on this charged issue and allow the public of psychologists to present their professional position without fear. Subjecting children to chemical castration and cutting off organs is a crime that psychologists will have to pay for, and the Association of Psychologists will be ashamed to have given it support."