The pool in Kiryat Arba
The pool in Kiryat ArbaCourtesy

Residents of Kiryat Arba filed a lawsuit under the contempt of court laws through their lawyer, Prof. Aviad HaCohen, claiming that the Supreme Court's ruling from 2020 was not enforced and that family swimming in the pool is not allowed.

"From time to time, the respondents sought to find ways' to circumvent the court's decision," the request states.

"Following these repeated attempts, the applicants were forced to file their second petition... Apparently, due to what appears to be the respondents' 'difficulties of understanding', this time, the honorable court was not satisfied with a short decision. In a comprehensive, well-reasoned ruling, the court made it clear to the respondents that their attempt to find a way around the Supreme Court would not succeed and that they must respect the provisions of the law that prohibit discrimination in public facilities and abide by the verdict as written, as in its language, and in its spirit."

It was also written: "The applicants have learned that the respondents intend to return to their bad deeds and operate the pool contrary to the verdict."

"Consequently, on June 25, 2023, the applicants sent a letter to the respondents in which they expressed their fear and opposition to the move that would be made to violate the ruling. Although the council meetings are held as scheduled every month, the head of the council hastened to convene a special meeting to discuss the reactivation of the pool."

"The details of the entire meeting show that the head of the council presented his desire to open the pool for children's camps and explained to the council members that such an operation does not contradict the court's ruling."

Attorney Cohen stated in the request that there is a need for a detailed discussion on the issue and wrote: "Due to the fact that the court's ruling is blatantly, daily, deliberately, and openly violated, and in view of the importance of preventing the court's ruling from being carried out during the summer period in general and the coming month in particular, the peak period of the pool, the court will be asked to set the closest date for hearing this request."

"Also, the court will be asked to oblige the respondents to pay court costs for this request, which is the legal fee for an attorney and VAT."