The new banner
The new bannerAmir Goldstein

Thousands of people arrived Saturday evening at the left-wing protests against the government. Some of them carried about a hundred coffins from the "March of the Dead" that will arrive in Haifa next week and signs with pictures of the murdered from the Arab population. A large banner was unfurled showing the Netanyahu couple saying "Let The Country Burn."

Moshe Radman, one of the protest leaders, spoke in Tel Aviv. "The State of Israel was hijacked by an extremist, bigoted, chauvinist, corrupt, and racist government that attacked Israeli democracy with a crazy collection of more than 225 laws," Radman said.

"They have proven that they are not interested in Israeli deterrence, neither in security nor Israel's economy, and certainly not the unity of the people. They are only interested in money, honor, power, and in personal interests and those of their own communities. The coming months are decisive months. On the one hand, the destructive government will have to decide whether they will either shelve the coup laws and continue to act within the limits of the legitimacy of a government in a democratic regime, or this awakened nation will throw them into the dustbin of history."

Prof. Shikma Bressler spoke on the main stage in Tel Aviv. "We are in the middle of the second war of independence of the State of Israel. Contrary to the lies that Netanyahu and the group of extremists that surround him are spreading, we all know, and every poll shows, that 80% of the Israeli public is on the right side of history. Right, liberal, center, and left. On the other side, less than 20% is from the public who favors a messianic dictatorship, a dark and racist halakhic state." According to her, "There is a gaping chasm between us and this messianic racist minority. And with the racists we are not interested in a compromise. 80% of the citizens of Israel, we, all of us are interested in a Jewish and democratic state in the spirit of the Declaration of Independence."

Hundreds of people also demonstrated on Gaza Street in Jerusalem near the official residence of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The protesters lit torches and flares.