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Parashat Ki Teizei
Presented By: Rav Mordechai Gershon

Written by: Yaakov Karmon

In Parashat Ki Teizei, the Torah mentions what the Israelite soldier needs to do for the 'Yefat Toar' to be his wife.


If he did what he was required to do, why does Rashi say that ultimately he will hate the woman and she will bear him a rebellious son?

Outside Eretz Yisrael, one fulfills mitzvot because they are God’s decrees. In the Land, there is also the connection between mitzvot and objective goodness, like a doctor's instructions.

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Presented By: Avrum Leeder

Written by: Tsvi Levy

The posuk in Isaiah says:"Redemption: Zion by justice, Those that do teshuva by righteousness."

According to this posuk, how will the Nation of Israel repent and be worthy of redemption?

Zion (Jerusalem) deserves redemption even by mishpat, since it has been severely punished. Her repentant ones, Am Yisrael, will be redeemed through tẓedaka, through G-d’s grace, by doing teshuva.

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