Armed and armored IDU volunteer responding to the shooting.
Armed and armored IDU volunteer responding to the shooting.IDU public relations

A team from the Israel Dog Unit (IDU), a nonprofit specializing in security dogs, was called this week to join the pursuit of a Palestinian Arab gunman who tried to kill an Israeli shepherd.

On Wednesday, an alert was sent to residents of the Samaria region that security forces were closing in on the town of Karnei Shomron. A masked Palestinian Arab had reached the nearby farm known as Dorot Ilit and attacked the Israeli shepherd pasturing his flock. Using an improvised submachine gun known as a Carlo or Carl Gustav gun, the Palestinian Arab fired several shots from less than fifteen meters away, while calling out the Arabic phrase used to denote terror attacks.

S., the shepherd who was attacked, recounts to Israel National News: “I heard shouting and gunshots. I turned and saw him trying to clear a jam in his gun. I am not allowed a handgun, but I tried to hit him with my Taser. He reloaded, so I began to run. I fell and hurt my leg, but managed to make it back to the farm - thank God, it’s only about a hundred meters away.’

Once at the farm, S. received medical treatment for his leg. Other farmers, as well as the civilian security coordinator of Karnei Shomron, immediately moved to check if the gunman had pursued S. back to the farm, and called the IDU for specialist help in pursuing the gunman.

IDU volunteers with tracking dogs and advanced UAVs rushed to the scene of the shooting to track the terrorist and secure the area, in cooperation with other forces who responded to the incident.

Multiple 9mm bullet casings were found near the scene, as well as a discarded SIM card. The footprints of the attacker were tracked back to a nearby Palestinian Authority town.

The farmers extended particular thanks to the IDU for the specialist equipment and skills added to the pursuit, along with heartfelt appreciation for the security forces who had taken part in the operation.

"We face weekly violent incidents here," said one farmer. "It is good to know that we have strong friends we can call on to support us."